Monday, June 05, 2006

Woof Poof


I'm Leah, and I'll be representing Poofy, the cutest, fuzziest dog you've ever met.

Today is Poofy's first day as a blogdog, so he's not sure what he wants to say. Right now, he's lying on the couch, listening to the sounds out in the hallway, and barking softly at Sven, the Golden Retriever who lives across the way.

When I write for Poofy, I just quote him directly, so I'll be writing from his point of view:

Hi people and dogs. It's been a very tiring few days, because it's been very hot out, and there were children visiting who thought it was very fun to put my leash on me and take me for long walks. When it's this hot, I gotta tell you, I just don't like to walk that much. On the other hand, these kids were very sloppy eaters, so there were great goodies on the floor. Plus, they kept asking for hot dogs and not finishing them, and you know what THAT means...

So I've been eating pretty well, but now that they're gone, it's back to the dog food for me. That's why I'm lying pensively on the couch, barking softly at Sven.

Have a good day folks.

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gail said...

Cocoa and Midnight, of Newburgh, NY are quite jealous. They do not have their own weblog though they lie on the floor watching their mom sit at the computer for hours on end. At about 10pm each evening, cocoa says "enough is enough" and motions his mom to follow him to her bedroom. (really!)They wish someone would come to the house to drop hotdogs on the floor, but alas it has not happened. Best regards to their Israeli pen pal dogs. stay well!