Tuesday, June 06, 2006

About me.

Hi. It's Poofy. My Aunt Rachel said that Leah should write in italics when she's typing for me and not just about me. I wanted to tell you all a little bit about myself. First, I guess I should show you some pictures.

This is a picture of me when I was a puppy, with my mommy, Leah, just after she adopted me.

Can't you see why she adopted me right away? I was such a cute puppy!

It's been seven years since then, and I've grown pretty att
ached to her. A couple months ago, she married Yaakov, and while Yaakov won't adopt me officially, he's a great stepdad, and he takes me for walks, covers me with blankets, and even buys me squeaky toys. I love squeaky toys, but they scare me a bit too.

My newest squeaky toy lost its squeak, and now I like it much better. Before you think I'm all about the squeaky toys, you should just understand, I'm a family man. I'm married to a beautiful girl named Barbie.

Here's a picture of Barbie and Leah:

Isn't she beautiful? We also have five children together. I'll have to show you their pictures sometime, too. They're beautiful, and I'm pretty sorry that they can't live with me, but Leah says that it's too much responsibility, because I don't know how to housebreak them, so she'd have to do it, plus they wouldn't know not to run away, and they would wake up at night. Yaakov says that we should get a human puppy instead. Leah says we probably will, so then I guess I'll find out what it's like to raise a puppy.

Anyway, my squeaky toy is waiting for me, so I'm going to get back to it. Have a great day, all.


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