Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Poofy... Let me tell you a little bit about Leah

Allow me, the big sister, to tell you some things you might not know about Leah:

  1. She is the result of a well-run campaign of an 8-year-old who really, really wanted a sister.
  2. Her first dog was also abandoned at one point, but by me... She loved Dapel* so much that he had to be hers.
  3. She did not grow up in an animal-loving family. The only pets we had before she was born were fish (that nearly turned into chowder when our house burnt down - yes, they survived.)
  4. During her childhood I recall having a variety of animals - mice (both wild and caged), a chameleon**, hamsters (all of whom had names starting with "al" - ask her for the list), and a rabbit. Did I miss anything?
  5. She has a giant stuffed frog that is currently being stored at my house. (Want it back? Please?)

And Poofy dear, tell me... does your collar have quarters on it?

"Aunt" Rachel (grrr.........)

* Dapel was a stuffed animal I got from my parents when Leah was born

** Bibi the chameleon (this was before Netanyahu's time, no connection) - I always thought she had committed suicide by jumping of my window sill on the second floor. It took me over 20 years to figure out that she probably just crawled down the wall... imagine over 20 years of guilt for nothing...

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