Sunday, June 11, 2006

No Thanks, We Don't Need a Babysitter

As I promised, a word about our little sister issues... Well, Guli (aka Abigail Princess, cute, cute, cute) was the little sister, until Nomi came along when Guli was at the ripe old age of... 12 months... So now Guli has a little sister who she loves dearly, so much so that she would do almost anything to be close to her, even mush her. So, when I say we don't need a babysitter, I mean we don't need anyone to sit on the baby (Guli - that means you!).

Anyhow, being a mom to two young children (and three over 10's)I've noticed that there's hardly a child's toy or book without a dog in it (except perhaps a ring tower or a xylophone - ok, there are a few other examples), so I thought I'd show some on the blog - dogs in toys.

This dog has a soft part that the baby can pet. I don't know what happened to the dog. It may have dressed up for Halloween as the devil, judging by its ears...


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triLcat said...

I think the bigger problem is that Nomi isn't mushable yet. They only get mushable when they're around six months old...

Then they're more solid and watching them get mushed is a little less terrifying.