Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Dog Art - Pick of the Week

Who ever would have guessed that there's so much dog art around? Not me. So much of it is good that I decided that one special piece a week will just have to do. Here's the first:

Justine Smith - Money Dog
I saw it while I was busy thinking how jealous my ex would be of Poofy (all those kids & no child support to pay, gets to call their mom a bitch and no one thinks badly of him...) and surfing the web aimlessly instead of taking advantage of the few hours I could have used to sleep. (Not to complain, but thank G-d, I have 5 kids, including 2 babies under 15 months, my husband got called away yesterday on reserve duty and my twins' 10th birthday was today. I hadn't really had much time to plan ahead (blame the babies, again) and so I spent part of the evening (between & after calming my colicky baby) busy making them t-shirts and trying to pick up enough toys so one could safely walk across the living room.) Once I'd finished all that, I really should have been sleeping instead of surfing.

But I wasn't & Justine Smith's site made it almost worth it. Some of the things are fabulous - creative, colorful & interesting. I just have to show you another :-)

Justine Smith with several of her comic dogs

OK, I'll just put away the dishes and go to sleep...

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