Saturday, June 10, 2006

TP Giveaway & Dog Freebies

TP? Toilet paper. We're giving away 3 rolls of puppy toilet paper (to 3 different lucky winners) All you have to do is subscribe to Give a Dog a Blog (down on the right, after the "I Power Blogger" logo). Prizewinners will be announced on June 29th in a special entry. We'll contact you by email to get your snail-mail address if you win.

Crazy about dogs? Cottonelle offers an adorable java dog that runs across your screen, screen savers, wallpaper and more. I-love-dogs has a list of free things, including dog food recipes and dog e-cards. Free dog stuff lists companies offering free dog food and treat samples. Know about other freebies? Add a comment!

Good luck!

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