Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Dog Art - Pick of the Week #2

The competition was tough. I saw some great stuff. Ones that even made dogs look soooo cute that even someone like me felt like cuddling up with a snuggly puppy (yuck! Is that me talking?) The great colors were probably what really grabbed me.

Karen Barton who paints these paintings and sells her signed prints (rather cheaply) on eBay certainly made me smile :-) You can see more of her work at www.whitedogstudio.com.

Here's just one more... (clicking on the picture will take you to the for sale page on eBay - and no, we don't get a cut :-)).

Got an artist to recommend? Send an email or add a comment and we'll check it out!



DrSavta said...

Do a sense a softening toward the canine species?

Rachel Inbar said...

Worry not, it will pass soon enough :-)