Sunday, June 11, 2006

Little Sisters

I've been pretty bad about letting Poofy write this week, even though Wednesday he had some big news.

But before I let Poofy write, I just want to say a few things about my big sister's previous post. (and my mom's, of course).

First, I wanted to point out that the reason the 8-year-old's sister campaign succeeded was probably because it wasn't a campaign for a dog... (See DrSavta's post).

Next, I wanted to say that I never heard of Bibi the chameleon.

And finally, the hamster story is like this:

There was Albert (who was named after my best friend, because he named his frog Leah after me).

Then there was Herbie, which was cool, cuz it was AlBERT and HerBERT, but then it turned out that Herbie was a female, so we named her Alice.

When Alice died, I got another one, and I used a book of names to choose a name. Since Algernon means "with whiskers," it seemed apt.

After Albert died, I got Alvin, who went bald, and looked like the ugliest animal ever seen in a horror film.

When Alvin died, I was away at camp, and my parents replaced him with a sweet hamster who I thought was a girl. I named her Alisheva. When it turned out she was actually a boy... well, the name changed to Allen.

But... we've now broken the Al tradition. I'll let Poofy tell you about it.

I have a little sister! Really! Her name is Mishmish. She came home with Mommy and Daddy on Wednesday night.

Now Mishmish means "apricot" in Hebrew, and apricots are for eating. I tried to explain this to mommy, but she really doesn't get it. She keeps telling me to leave Mishmish alone, and that soon Mishmish will get used to us, and then I'll be able to sniff at her a little closer.

Meantime, I got Mommy to take some pictures of her.

Isn't she sweet looking? I say. If it's sweet, let's eat. Mommy isn't convinced.

Now, I'm not the jealous kind of big brother. I mean, let's face it, she doesn't get to sleep in Mommy and Daddy's bed. She doesn't get to go out for walks. She doesn't get to sit under the table at mealtimes waiting for scraps to drop.

Anyway, Mommy's off to the gym, so I have to go.



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Rachel Inbar said...

Congratulations on MishMish! We have a little sister issue in our house too... Later on the blog :-)