Thursday, June 15, 2006

Scared of Dogs?!

First, from the library to the house would be four flights up, seven flights down.

Second, how could your son be scared of dogs?!

I admit that I can be a little intimidating when I'm excited, but I've never bitten my cousin, or even scratched him. I will admit to a bit of licking, and maybe some jumping around, but that's just being friendly, and sometimes what some people call "the pee-pee dance." You people do it too. When you have to pee and the bathroom's closed, and you dance around. So dogs do it too. Just we're a little more directed. All we want is the door. Just the freaking door. Let me out. I want to relieve myself. I can't help it if I jump around a bit. It's my way of sending a clear message.

Like this morning. Leah overdid it at the gym,(You'll have to read about that later, after she blogs it on her health blog. ) so she didn't wake up until about three hours after Yaakov woke up, and Yaakov didn't take me out either, so I really really needed a walk. I waited really patiently for her to wake up, didn't bother her when the phone rang, didn't bug her while she was talking on the phone with her mom, and didn't bug her while she went to the bathroom, although I must say, I'm so jealous that she can do her business in the house without getting whacked on the nose and yelled at.

But when she came out of the bathroom, I just had to let her know that I needed a wal
Of course, I'd forgotten (like always) that she has to put on all kinds of clothes. Apparently, there are two kinds of clothes; the kind she wears inside, called pajamas, and the kind she wears outside, called clothes. So, she apparently sleeps in the pajamas and won't take me out unless she's wearing clothes. I've been trying to explain to her about just wearing a simple fur coat all the time, but she claims she can't grow one.

Stupid Humans!

Anyway, so she had to remind me to calm down about four times before I remembered about the clothes thing, and then I had to wait for her to find some, put them on, and then put on a hat and shoes. Humans have the most ridiculous feet. They're useless unless they have shoes on, but I digress. The point is that I was excited and jumping a lot of that time, but
Leah wasn't scared, so why should my cousin be scared by a cute little doggie?!

In other news, I went to look in on Mishmish the other day, and I'm more and m
ore convinced that she should be eaten. Leah still says no, and she says that if I'm going to blog about how tasty Mishmish would be, then she won't type for me anymore.

bye folks,


I swear that dog has a one-track mind. All he wants to do is eat the hamster. I'm beginning to think that getting a hamster was a mistake.


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