Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Sick as a dog

After Nomi (my 3-month-old)'s 4:30am feeding, I started to get a stomach ache. By the time my husband got up, I was sick as a dog. Fortunately, my babies decided to give me a chance to rest a bit & they both got up again after 9:30... It was still a long day.

The twins went to summer day camp and my 12-1/2-year-old, being the typical teenager, was frustrated when I woke her up at 11 to help me a bit. By the time the twins got home, I was running a fever. The older kids pretty much got themselves lunch and even sat to feed Guli (Abigail), but the older girls got into a fight over who would go to the supermarket to buy me a bottle of Coke so that maybe I'd have enough energy to sit up... I ended up drinking soda water and sending the younger one to her room for pulling the older one's hair. Hadas, Matan and I sat and watched Just Like Heaven which was OK, but nothing spectacular. Guli played with her toys most of the time. It was only later that she took out all of the tablecloths and dragged them all over the living room.

After that, the kids split up - Hadas went to sing & dance (she's participating in the Arad Music Festival next week, singing live for the first time this year - what is it with playbacks?); Matan (aka Harry) went to ride his bicycle (he rides with a group twice a week, 2-3 hours each time) and Lilach (aka Judy) tried to do laundry, but ended up dumping the laundry soap on the floor and then running out when her father (from whom I'm happily divorced) announced he was outside waiting.

I'm still feeling sick and I'm dog tired, but Guli's already in bed and the sky is beginning to get dark - signs that I may yet survive this day...

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DrSavta said...

Sorry to hear you're sick as a dog. I am dog tired after returning from a very full 9 day trip abroad.