Saturday, July 29, 2006

Not dead & not playing dead

Well, it wasn't the sudden illness that kept me from writing... and no, I'm not dead. (My older kids were watching a very poor movie - "Bubble Boy" last week, where at one point the star takes off his "bubble" and passes out and his mom (played by Swoosie Kurtz) says to him, "You're not dead!") They really liked that line.

It isn't even the war in Israel that's kept me from writing... Actually, I'm just too busy working. In addition to Fertility Stories, I help companies improve their sites' usability.

My daughter, Nomi, who I thought was over her colic decided that being 3-months-old was no reason to quit the habit. She gave us a few days of relatively quiet evenings & then went back to it with full force (she's already 4-months-old). She did, however, start sleeping through the night and actually has been sleeping 12 hours straight, unless her big (16-month-old) sister wakes her up (like today).

Today, Leah and Yaakov came over for a few minutes with Poofy. He was wild. He even started barking a few times. I guess he smelled Vardit, our tri-colored cat (who my husband locked in our room for the duration of Poofy's visit). Abigail (the 16-month-old) knows Poofy, but she didn't want to pet him today - she didn't like the fact that he was so jittery.

Maybe if he'd rolled over and played dead.

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