Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Almost 13

I can't believe that Poofy's almost thirteen years old. Since I found him on a warmish December day, I've married, had two children, developed a chronic disease, made friends, had several jobs. Poofy's been the constant through all of it.

Sometimes, he really bugs me. He needs more walks these days. Sometimes, I end up walking him five or even six times in the same day. He insists on being petted. Sometimes, he's in my lap when I really want to hold one of the children.

Sometimes, though, I think back to when he was a puppy and it was just me and Poofy against the world, and I think, it's been a great run, Poof. I'm so glad you've been with me all this time. I hope you have a few more good years left in you!