Sunday, August 06, 2006

This is a Little Embarrassing.


It's Poofy. I haven't written in a while, and I'm afraid that what I have to tell now is very embarrassing.

I got fleas.

I'm so embarrassed, I can't even tell you. I haven't had fleas in so many years, I thought that it was one of those things that I would never have to face again, but then... You should have seen me scratching. Leah was sleeping and Yaakov woke her up because I was scratching too much. She starts petting me backwards, and making my fur all yucky, and then suddenly, she shouts.

I mean, jeez, like I wasn't embarrassed enough without her shouting about it. So then Yaakov gets up, puts on his glasses and examines the offending flea. Meanwhile, Leah's looking all over me for more fleas, and she's all upset, and then Yaakov kicks me out of the bed because he doesn't want fleas. (I do get that.)

Luckily, Leah had an ampule of Frontline so my humiliation was short. That stuff is GREAT. I mean REALLY great. You put it on and voila, instant relief. The fleas die in minutes. Then there are a few bites that need to heal, but that's it. The nice thing is that I don't like getting wet or having stuff put all over me. Leah just opens the ampule and pours it on the back of my neck - and it's only a few drops - and then it's done. And the best part - She's not allowed to wash me for THREE MORE DAYS! She was planning on washing me, and I got a three day reprieve!

Leah said to tell you that she means to post a picture of my Irish cousin who she took a picture of when she was in Ireland. I told her that she shouldn't bother to talk about it until it's done.

Humans, go figure.

Night all,